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Guidelines to Keep Your Roof in Good Shape It is known to everyone that to have a good quality roof is important. The roof of your home gives protection to your family, keeps everyone in it safe from heat or cold, improves the value of your home and grants your family a pleasant place to live. Your roof, even it’s not brand new, can last much longer than 15 years if you abide by these guidelines. Firstly, in maintaining the condition of your roof, inspect it twice a year, namely during the spring and during the fall and every strong storms. The inside of the roof should be thoroughly inspected as well as the outside, should your bi-yearly inspection occur. After a storm, flying debris may have damaged the tiles and gouges of the roof, therefore to ensure no damage was done, you should do an after storm inspection on the outside of the roof. During inspections, either binoculars or ladders should be used. Take notice of any trees growing near your roof during your inspections on your roof. If healthy, any hanging branches you find over your roof should be trimmed. Collective damage may be done to the roof structure caused by the rotting of the tiles due to rain water and moisture from falling leaves or pine needles stuck in the valleys of the roof. The gouging of the roof in addition to damaging the roofing tiles is caused by falling branches. Before they do any damage, protect your roof by trimming those branches as a preventive measure.
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The next tip is that you should keep your roof clean and away from debris. Mold and mildew on a roof are caused by the uncleaned debris such as dirt, dried leaves and other debris. Making sure that your roof is free of debris is a way of removing the chances of damage to your roof and keeping it in its good condition. You would know if there are mold and mildew on your roof if you can see black spots on it. Mold can damage the inner parts of your roof overtime as it will make its way through your roofing tile. Zinc strips can help prevent the mold and mildew from growing if it is placed at the peak of the brand new roof. It is important to clean the mold on your roof first, if the mold is already starting to grow, before placing some zinc strips on your roof.
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Water can destroy different kinds of roofing materials that is exactly why blocked gutters can cause terrible damage to your roof. Gutters can fulfill its major purpose which is keeping your roof and roofing tiles dry by making sure that they are debris-free and in good condition. Professional inspection, at least once every year or every other year in case your roof is ten years or older, is still suggested though maintenance and inspection may be done personally. Potential problems can be spotted by the professionals and fix them even before they can even be noticed. Having a professional inspect and make repairs for you will cost cheaper than having to replace your roof sooner than you expected. Performing roof maintenance requires proper tools and information most especially if you’re doing it by yourself. Structural damage and the build-up of moisture on your roof are results of missing vital roof inspection steps.